Episode 8 – Nino Kovacevic (Part 1)

Episode eight introduces the Highland technical director Nino Kovacevic. Listen to Mike Whyatt (Soccer Nova Scotia Director of Coaching) & Nino Kovacevic chat about the following:
  • The idea of producing a Podcast (@Highland_Hero)
  • Nino's experience to date
  • Connecting the community within the sport
  • Creating a social experience in soccer
  • The overview of trying to split the Highland regional
In addition, we will discuss the latest news. This week we feature:
  • Indoor trained coaches statistics 2016/17
  • Jason deVos Nova Scotia visit (January 12th, 2017)
  • Vancouver Whitecaps Academy staff visit (January 23rd, 24th & 25th)
  • The winner of the Ela Greek Tavern $25 Gift Voucher

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