SNS Clinic with members of the Canadian Women’s National Team Dec 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2012.

Soccer Nova Scotia was thrilled to sponsor four members of Canada’s Women’s Soccer Team for the weekend of December 7-9.  Christine Sinclair, Karina LeBlanc, Diana Matheson and Rhian Wilkinson conducted training sessions for our young players from all areas of Nova Scotia.

There was an overwhelming response to registration and the sessions filled to capacity.  A total of 394 youths participated, though hundreds more were disappointed at not being able to secure a spot.

The weekend Training Session with these National players, was a perfect event to kick-off the first of many events that will be held to celebrate 100 Years of Soccer in Nova Scotia in 2013.

The Training Sessions were broken down into age groups of U8-10 on Friday night, U11-13 and U14-18 on Saturday and by Provincial players and Keepers on Sunday.

The sessions consisted of four rotations with each of the four National players

–                 Dribbling and attacking skills

–                 First touch and turning with vision and awareness

–                 Defensive work in 1 v 1 and 2 v 1, and

–                 Speed and agility work and ball skills

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our players and one that they will never forget!  The sessions were informative, inspiring, motivational and exciting.  The encouragement from the National women reinforced our players’ goals of working hard, gaining experience – and that anything is possible with a love and passion for the game.  Those in the viewing gallery were as excited as the participants on the turf.  The Soccer Nova Scotia Training Centre was filled with a vibrating, positive energy and the smiles and looks of awe on so many of the young faces was contagious.

Thank you to the participants and parents, the Canada Games Girls team and coaches who assisted the National players, the volunteers, Nick Pearce our photographer, Darren Hubley our t-shirt graphic designer and the staff of Soccer Nova Scotia and the Training Centre and all those who made the weekend the incredible success it was.  A special thank you to the National players who autographed the posters and so generously signed so many items at the end of each session and good-naturedly posed and smiled for the hundreds of photographs.

It was an incredible weekend!

CBC footage of clinics

National Post article

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