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HOW TO CHECK YOUR COACHING STATUS ON THE NCCP DATABASE Once you have completed a Community Coaching Course you will be mailed a certificate and letter from Soccer Nova Scotia. Soccer Nova Scotia will submit your information to the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP will then add your information to their data base and e-mail you your NCCP coaching #. Once you know your NCCP database number you can check online the status of your coaching qualifications on line. Click here to go to NCCP Login and input your information and you can quickly get a print out a copy of your transcript. Follow this link for extra information on using the NCCP Locker. To submit a change of address, to receive a replacement coaching card, or to clarify your certification status, please contact the Coach and Partner Services Team at 613-235-5000. If you have any other coaching questions, contact: Soccer Nova Scotia Director of Coaching and Player Development 902-445-0267 coaching@soccerns.ns.ca

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